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   Frequently Asked Questions


   Will the excavated area be a minimum of 6 inches (150 mm) wider than the actual paved area?
   Yes, when the aggregate base is placed in the excavated area, the extra width will help ensure stability of the base at the edges, and provide space for the required edge restraints.
   Will the aggregate base absorb or hold water?
   No, when compacted properly, its density will minimize deformation and/or heavily of the paved surface during the freezing or thawing.
   Will the base be aggregate, ranging in size from approximately 3/4 in (20 mm) to sand?
   Yes, this facilitates compaction to a required density while allowing proper water drainage.
   How will the aggregate base be compacted?
   In 4in (200 mm) layers to achieve the maximum density and load bearing capacity. Each layer will require several passes of a compactor to achieve this.
   How will the contractor assure an even color mix of the pavers?
   By taking pavers from several bundles of pallets at a time.
   Will a concrete edge restaint be installed?
   Yes, a concrete edge restraint around the perimeter of the pavers is essential for eliminating horizontal creeping of the pavers and loss of bedding sand.
   Are the joints filled between the pavers?
   Yes, with clean, fine sand. The sand should be dry sand so it will flow freely into the joints. The pavers are compacted during and after filling to begin interlock of the units and prevent sand from washing from the joints.
   Do I need to seal the pavers?
   No, pavers are extremely durable. Sealing, however may enhance the colors and may prevent staining. Allow a minimum of 60 - 90 days after completion of the installation before sealing. Consult your supplier for recommendations on cleaning and sealing.
   How will the contractor grade the paver installation for drainage?
   By sloping the paved area away from the house at a minimum of 1 inch per 10 feet.
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